Landscape Lighting Special! 10 fixtures for only $2000.00 Parts & Labor included.

Irrigation Services

Spring Start-Ups and Shut Downs

Each Spring our team will come and turn on the water to your system, check carefully for leaks or broken heads, make adjustments as needed, and set the controller for the spring weather. Any issues that are noticed will be brought to your attention for your approval. 

At the end of the year, the technicians will return to shut the system down before the harsh winter temperatures damage your system. Using a high powered air-compressor they will blow the water out of the lines. 


If you are looking to install a new irrigation system, we would begin by scheduling a consultation appointment so we may design a system that is the best fit for your yard. We schedule consultations with Fabio for Saturdays. Please call our office to schedule!


Leaks happen, and when they do it is best to have them taken care of as fast as possible to minimize the amount of water wasted. Our teams can come out for a service call to fix any damage or leaks that may occur during the season.


Landscape Lighting


Illuminate Your Yard

Boston Irrigation offers low-voltage landscape lighting. Landscape lighting greatly enhances the beauty of your yard.  We can repair damage to existing lights or install new fixtures. Call our office today to schedule a landscape lighting consultation.